The two faces of digital media

W hen thinking of digital media, is it possible to increase the power of a story through digital tools and channels? What does such a narrative say about the role of both masses and the individuals?

The concept of digital media and the focus on the “new” production

Since computers and internet entered our world, the concept of digital media, also called ‘new media’, is used to describe the intersection between communications, telecommunications and information technologies. As a multi-disciplinary science influencing fields like art, marketing, advertising, and communication, the digital media field constitutes a frame for many web-based communication tools and platforms — i.e. social media, blogs, podcasts.

So, what is our role in this new digital communication process?

In the talk series we organized in the framework of Project Zoom, we discussed about digital media, media tools and the effects of content developed with new production styles with Eylem Yanardağoğlu, Head of the New Media Department of Kadir Has University. While considering the advantages and disadvantages of digitalization, Yanardağoğlu described the internet with the analogy of “a two-sided, two-faced God figure”. On the one hand, she touched on its support to democratization, freedom and cooperation; on the other hand, on its inequalities, highlighting the various algorithms that the big technology companies are able to monopolize.

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So tell what’s wrong!

As actors of the macro structure, we continue to create different products with the tools we choose and unveil overlooked issues through the stories we tell. There is a lot to talk about and discuss, as shown by the applications we receive with Project Zoom on social and environmental matters, related to gender equality, sustainability, energy, innovation, climate change, public health and migration. With the history and nature of humanity, stories do not come to an end!

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Impact Journalism Grant Programme // Medyada Değişim Yaratanlar İçin Hibe Programı

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