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Project Zoom is a grant programme that aims at bringing out stories that are generally overlooked, focusing on underreported issues that nevertheless might be impactful for the people they reach out to.

With the support of the US Consulate in Istanbul as main partner and as ecosystem partner, Impact Hub Istanbul organized Project Zoom kick-off event on 13 February 2020.

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More than a hundred participants from various fields, including communication, cinema, media and journalism, joined the opening event to learn about the Project Zoom programme and get familiar with the different perspectives of impact journalism.

Jeremy Druker, New York University professor and Ashoka Fellow as well as co-founder of Transitions, one of Europe’s leading journalism educational institutions, delivered a keynote speech on solutions journalism and its role in producing impactful storytelling. The following panel discussion, moderated by Atakan Foça from, saw the participation of Pınar Dağ, Data Literacy Association founder and academician, Yaşar Adanalı, founder of Center for Spatial Justice, and Doğu Eroğlu, investigative journalist, to discuss the role of storytellers to create a sustainable world.

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Starting from their own field experiences, panelists provided a fruitful ground for unveiling the potential impact and transformation that storytellers can bring to their target audience and the community more broadly. As stated in Atakan’s article on Project Zoom opening event,

“It is a scientific fact that, among all narrative genres, a story is the easiest to understand for the human mind, the simplest to follow patterns, and the most likely to be remembered. This is why a solution-driven storytelling can help us rebuild our future.”

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In a world facing increasing inequalities, crises and imbalances, we expect to unveil those stories that are generally overlooked, to shed light on the process to find solutions other than just raising awareness of problems. Every new story we tell can be an important step forward in building an alternative memory and a sustainable world by making ourselves “subjects” of the society we live in.

Within the framework of the programme, the media product proposals we expect to fund will have a focus on sustainability, migration, climate crisis, gender equality, social innovation or energy. Impact Hub will award up to $ 7,000 to those proposals that are in line with the Project Zoom mission and objectives.

For application instructions and additional information about the programme, check out our Project Zoom website.

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Impact Journalism Grant Programme // Medyada Değişim Yaratanlar İçin Hibe Programı

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